Want to find life beyond the bars of your corporate cage?

You’re pretty good at your job. Scratch that; you’re great at it – you’re a corporate superstar.

You’ve worked bloody hard to get where you are today. Big responsibility, great salary, major status. You’ve made it into that dream job you always wanted.

But the reality is, that dream is turning into your own private nightmare.

While on the outside, you look successful and shiny, inside you’re slowly dying.

This job is sucking the last remaining joy from your soul, and you’re miserable.

Not only are you miserable:

  • You’ve come home late for the 5th night in a row, grabbed a microwave dinner and then started work again
  • Your friends have stopped asking you for drinks, because on the rare times you answer the phone, you’re always too busy working
  • You missed your kid’s sports day (again). You’ve already missed her play and parents evening this year.
  • Your work is supposed to be important, but you can’t help feeling it’s not making the difference you want to in the world
  • You’re starting to think that anything would be better than this so called “great” job

But, this great job has you in the golden handcuffs:

  • You’re desperate for meaningful work that you love, but (there’s always a “but..”) But what about the money? But how do I even find time to start looking?
  • You want to make a change but you’re not ready to risk everything. You don’t want all the effort you’ve put into your career so far to go to waste
  • You’re busy (to put it mildly) so you don’t have time to listen to bullshit like “just follow your passion”

Imagine for a minute (because I know your time is precious):

  • Feeling like it is possible to pay the bills (and then some) without selling your soul and working every hour there is
  • Not setting your alarm for stupid O’clock. Enjoying breakfast with your family every day (and not missing sports day this time)
  • Coming home, reflecting on the day and knowing your work has made a real difference

Imagine actually looking forward to Monday morning.

I want you to know that all of this is possible. And it’s easier than you think.

The life and work you’re seeking is waiting, just out of sight.

If you’re ready to start making a change – to put your life first – it’s time for a RethinkOptions session.

This intensive hour will change the way you see work. You’ll leave feeling less like a corporate prisoner, ready to start building the life you’re craving.

Hi, I’m Rob Young. I’ve been that corporate prisoner. I’ve been the one everyone thought was mad to for wanting to escape such a “good” job.

But I’ve changed. Me and “The Firm” aren’t in that relationship any more…

I’m now an evangelist for living the life you want on your terms.

Whether your good life looks like lounging on a beach in Mexico, or very much like it does now except with a lot more time for fun stuff, I want to help you make that life a reality.

I love working with smart, driven, successful people to help find their right option.


Step into RethinkOptions and get:

  • A simple (it won’t take you hours, and gets to the point fast) but super effective set of pre work questions. These let you start the process of change immediately, and give me all the info I need to make your session focussed on what you need.

  • An intensive hour 1-1 with me via Skype or phone call. We’ll dig deep into where you are now, what you want and how to get it. You’ll leave with options and the confidence that they are totally within your grasp.

  • A personalised Options Report. To the point, and tailored specifically for you, so you can take action on exactly the options we talked about.

  • A short but powerful homework assignment that will help build your plan. Your plan to turn one option into your permanent reality.

Ready to do this?

Click the buy now button just below. You’ll see a shiny new RethinkOptions session added to your cart. Click on over to Paypal and buy it, (credit cards are cool too) and I’ll send you a link to a welcome pack.

You can then book your session, and dig into the pre work questions whenever you’re ready. We’ll hop on Skype or the phone for our session (Don’t worry, I’ve got slots to suit all time zones).

You’ll come away feeling in charge of your own destiny, and I’ll send you up a follow up pack with your homework

Your investment in changing the course of your career and your life:


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Special limited time bonus:

  • Email support with me for two weeks (this is huge – if something comes up after you’ve been processing our session – no problem, just drop me an email) I’m testing out this for sessions in May at no extra cost – grab one while it’s included for free.

  • A recording of our session so you can refer back to it whenever you need to. No need to half listen half scribble notes, just note the time and listen back later, as many times as you need.

What are people saying?

 Without Rob’s coaching I would still be stuck in my comfortable, hellish existence. He helped me to see that I already knew what I needed to do, then got me off my ass to go and do it.
Thaddeaus Moody
Thaddeaus Moody
Rob is an absolute pleasure to work with, very wise and knowledgeable, and a genuinely caring guy. He took the time to fully understand my situation, then guided me through some potential options. His approach was never prescriptive, only supportive. The personalised report Rob sent me after our session was brilliant. I’m now confident about taking the next step – and that’s after just one session!
Sophie Playle
Sophie Playle
I've just been sitting quietly reading your PDF & my personalised plan and I'm so impressed. I'm hugely grateful for what you've come up with. I can't tell you how exciting it is to have a vision of where I'm going and some concrete steps to get me get there.
Jo Amos
Jo Amos

Are you ready to invest in the rest of your life?

OK – it’s time to decide. Are you going to continue letting your “great” job slowly kill you from the inside, or are you ready to take control of your career and start changing your life?

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Maybe you still have questions?

Why is the session only an hour long?

Because we’re both good. I’m good at this, and you’re good at well – most things.

I understand the situation you’re in. I’ve been there, I’ve worked with a lot of others who’ve been there too, so I know what works.

We’re not going to plan every detail of your next year’s career moves, we’re going to reframe the way you think about your situation, look at how to use your skills to your advantage, and leave you with a set of options to take away and consider.

If you need help to then implement the right option, then yes, – you will need a more time, (you can get that here), but an hour is more than enough for us to get your options down on the table and change the way you think about them.

Are you going to tell me to do ________ or try _________?

No. I’m not going to tell you to do anything. I will have suggestions for you but I wont tell you what to do. This is about helping you work out your options, not pushing you down any particular path.

Will you give me a generic plan to follow?

No. This session is personalised to you. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan, because you are you – and your circumstances, skills experiences and most importantly goals are unique to you. We’ll focus on what works for you, not a template.

I’m about to graduate – can you help me avoid a job I hate?

This isn’t the right service for you. This is for people who’ve already seen some traditional career success, and need help to switch tracks.

I’ve got a different question…

That’s great – I want you to know that this is right for you. Just send me an email to rob at rethink.work and I’ll do my best to answer it.


Ready to go?

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