Right now you’re not feeling so great about your “great” job.

In fact that’s an understatement. You’re feeling like this job – the one that’s supposed to be everything you’ve worked towards – actually sucks.

You’ve done all the right things, made all the right moves, got all the right promotions. But your “dream job” actually feels like a nightmare.

And then then you feel guilty.

I’ve got a great job, why can’t I just get on with it and feel happy like I’m supposed to?

Or you feel ungrateful.

Yes my job’s demanding, but it’s well paid, I get great benefits and look, if I just get one more promotion, I’m sure it will get better.

Or maybe you feel trapped by the golden handcuffs.

I really don’t like this job, it’s eating my soul steadily, but look how much it pays –I’ve got a family, a mortgage, an expensive car – how would I afford them if I had a job that I enjoyed?

Here’s the thing – this isn’t your fault.

You’re great at what you do despite how it makes you feel, and you’ve always reached your goals. It’s just, well, the goalposts have moved.

Success is no longer what you thought it was (or what you were told it is) and that’s what’s making you feel like you do. Your definition of success has changed, and it just doesn’t sit well with this job.

And that’s my cue:

Hello, I’m Rob Young, and I hear you.RJY-034

I’ve been there myself. I spent 10 years working for one of the biggest management consultancies in the world. Outwardly, I was successful: promotions, praise, great client feedback – frankly, I was good at it.

But inwardly, I was wondering if this was it. Was there not more to life than making yet another PowerPoint presentation?

It took me a long time, but eventually, I did see that there was more.

I engineered my way out of that job and into work I love doing, that lets me put my life and family first. And that’s why I’m here now.

I’m on a mission to help successful, star performers like you realise that you have options.

You can work at something you love and not go broke in the process.

I help successful, driven but frustrated folks – just like you – get clear on what their real version of success is.

I help you see the options available and put together a plan to make the right one happen for you.

I’ve been there. I’ve sat in your shoes and wanted “out” of my job more than anything else.

But I felt totally trapped by the fear that this was the best I could do, that I’d be letting people down, and I’d never get another job this good. Looking back, it seems crazy – how could I not see how wrong I was? But, because I’ve been there, I know it’s not all about logic. When you’re in the depths of this, it can feel like you’ve got nowhere to go.

Work with me on this though, and you’ll start to see that you’ve got more routes than you know what to do with – you’ll feel like you’re living in a world of opportunity, not a corporate cage.

I broke through that feeling that I know you’ve got about money.

The biggest thing holding me back was thinking I could never make enough doing something I loved. I thought that it had to be hard (painful even) to earn the money that afforded the lifestyle I wanted.

But when I did break free – wow – the outside was more different than I could have imagined. Within 6 months, I was earning more money than I ever had, and loving life a whole lot more.

I didn’t stumble on the formula for happiness immediately. In fact, I know enough about this now to assure you that there is no formula. I’ve tried a pretty long list of things from full time travel, running an Ecommerce business, Software as a Service, contracting, consulting, coaching – you name it, I’ve probably given it a go – and that’s what makes me a bit different.

I get that you can’t just “chuck it all in and start a business”.

You’ve worked too hard to get where you are to just throw it all away. That’s why my focus is always on helping you use your talents, your skills and what you’ve achieved to make a move to doing things you love.

You don’t need the same thing as someone fresh out of university. Or someone who hates their job because it’s so dead end that they’re about to be replaced by a robot. What you’ve achieved counts – and there’s always a way to work in what you’ve already achieved, and use to your advantage when moving to your next great thing.

When I first made my exit from corporate world, I didn’t understand that my skills were valuable elsewhere. I literally got to the point where I couldn’t take it any longer and just left. I travelled first and then started a company completely unrelated to what I’d done before. I don’t regret that one bit, but if I knew then what I know now, I’d have made progress so much more quickly.

I want to help you move from living a life you feel you should, to one you actually want to live.

You can do what YOU WANT to and not what anyone else thinks you SHOULD.

And you don’t need to go broke in the process.

I want you to see that there are possibilities beyond where you are now and to feel empowered to make choices.

I’m not going to fire you up with inspiration and leave you to it – I want you to make those choices happen, and help you every step of the way.

Once you open up to the options you have, things change. In a big way.

  • That energy you’re famous for, but you’ve been having to drag out of bed after you in the morning BANG – back with you and pulling you along with it.
  • That feeling of being immersed in something you love when you have no clue what time it is and you couldn’t care less– Yes! Back!
  • That sense of pride in what you do because you’re damn good at it and you know it’s making a difference – Here. To Stay.

I cant tell you how different it feels to actually look forward to getting to my desk and working, rather than the creeping dread of Monday in the starting at Sunday lunchtime and souring my weekend.

Honestly – this is possible for you. You’re a doer, and a successful one at that. With the right plan you can make anything happen.

So what’s my story?

I started off as your classic all “A”s student at school, and then followed the “right” path to the “right” university and got the “right” degree (Economics is what it says on the certificate, but it probably ought to be triple honours with playing cricket and drinking beer)

I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life, so I then got the “right” graduate job, and before I really knew what was going on, after 10 more years of following the “right” path I ended up as a Senior Manager in that huge consulting firm. (If you’re desperate to know which one, say hi on LinkedIn)

Since breaking free from that, I’ve fuelled my passion for snowboarding with 3 seasons worth of riding. I’ve climbed up and ridden down active volcanoes in Chile, I’ve heli-skied in Alaska and now I’m even happy cruising down the gentlest blue run. As long as I’m following my 4 year old son.

Him, his little brother and their Mum are what light me up these days. Whether we’re hanging out at home in Devon, finding a new favourite ski resort or exploring near and far in our VW camper.

Rethinking work to prioritise them has changed my life. I want it to change yours too.

If you’re ready to take control of your life and rethink work, check out how we can work together here, or download your guide to getting started here: